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  • How to Optimize Amazon Product Descriptions for Conversion
    IntroductionIf you're an Amazon seller, you know that your product descriptions are a crucial factor in conversion rates.If you've ever seen an Amazon product listing without any description or a poorly written one, then you know how jarring it can be. You can't help but wonder: Why is this product so poorly described? Does the seller have no idea what their product does or why anyone would want t
  • Top Content Writing Tools For Marketers and Creators
    IntroductionWriting is hard. Whether it's a blog post, e-mail newsletter, or even just an update on social media, writing well takes time and energy—and sometimes even more than that. Luckily for us creatives, there are tools out there to help make content creation easier. Take a look at these eight tools:EvernoteEvernote is one of the most popular and effective content creation tools out there.
  • What is Personal Branding & Why it is important
    Introduction Personal branding is the act of building and reinforcing a positive image of yourself. People build personal brands so that they can stand out from their peers, but also to make sure they are recognized as an expert in their field. Personal branding is important because it gives you opportunities for growth and development—and it can even help you land your next job! What is a
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